About Us


Owned by Larry & Cynthia Silverman, Silverleaf Greenhouses was founded in 1979. Starting out as a small, three-acre farm, Silverleaf Greenhouses has grown today into a thirty-five acre farm, with over 100,000 square-feet of technologically-enhanced greenhouses, located just outside the village of Walden, New York.

At Silverleaf Greenhouses, we are proud to serve some of the finest greenhouses and garden centers nationally as well as respected landscapers and retailers throughout the Northeast. With a dedicated staff working hard to make sure that each and every one of our plants gets the nurturing it needs and that all of our customers get the support they deserve, Silverleaf Greenhouses is looking forward to many more years of growing together.

Misting the plants in the greenhouse

Misting the plants in the greenhouse



Silverleaf Greenhouses uses up to date greenhouse technology to ensure that our plants have the perfect environment in which to grow and thrive. Using computerized monitoring systems to track the temperature, moisture, and sunlight in our greenhouses, we give our plants everything they need to be healthy and strong.

Growing Practices:

At Silverleaf Greenhouses, we strive to be eco-friendly in all of our growing practices. That’s why we use a beneficial insect program, which includes nematodes, predatory mites, and biological fungicides, to safely and naturally keep harmful pests and pathogens at bay. When we do use chemicals, they are always labeled for edibles and compatible with the beneficial insects we use. Most importantly, they are completely safe for the consumer as well as the natural environment.

To view our complete biological/beneficial program click here. (pdf)

Tag Room

Silverleaf’s Tag Room


Plant Tags:

Our plant tags have come to symbolize our dedication to unsurpassed plant quality, selection, and service. We inventory over two million tags. Custom tags are included with all 4″ and larger potted plants at no additional charge. Custom tags will automatically be shipped with all cell strip and 2.5″ potted plant orders and billed appropriately as a separate line item on your invoice. If you wish to receive less than one tag per cell or no tags at all with your cell strip order, please have your broker note this in your original order form.


Orders for all herbs, scented geraniums, and ivies can be placed through any of the following brokers:


Our Silverleaf Greenhouses Grower Trucks make weekly and bi-weekly deliveries to locations throughout the Northeast.

If you are out of our regular delivery range, you still have plenty of shipping options:

  • FedEx Express
  • FedEx Ground
  • FedEx Freight’s Palletized Shipping Program

Of course, we welcome customers who wish to pick up their plants themselves. Just be sure to call 24-hours ahead so that we can have your plants ready when you arrive.