herb-banner Herbs are an excellent addition to any kitchen garden and they add fragrance and variety to landscape designs. Silverleaf Greenhouses offers over 240 varieties of herbs in an assortment of different packaging options and pot sizes. These include:
  • Single Plant Cell Strips: Cells are grown in split 102 sized trays. The split trays allow us to sell them in multiples of 50 or as assorted trays in multiples of 17. This way, customers don’t have to order more than they may need. (Tags billed separately)
  • 2.5” Pots: 2.5” material is planted in trays of 32 pots but can be ordered in multiples of 16 or as assorted trays in multiples of 8. (Tags billed separately)
  • 4” Pots: Grown and sold in multiples of 10 (Tags included)

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Pick-Me-Up & Go’s

Silverleaf Greenhouses also offers retail ready herb Pick-Me-Up & Go’s, which feature 8 pots of 2.5” individually tagged herbs in an attractive carrying container with a LARGE title tag and a customized handle displaying your company’s name.
  • Pick-Me-Up & Go Collections contain eight pots of a variety of herbs.
Pick-me-up and go collections

Pick-me-up and go collections

We also offer one-gallon potted herb plants and un-rooted cuttings in select herb varieties. Please call us at 845-778-7099 for more details.