Fennel – Florence
Foeniculum Vulgane Azoricum

Zone: 4-9
Height: 48"

General: Also known as Bulb Fennel, Florence has a mild anise flavor in its feathery green foliage and its bulbous base. Grown mostly for the veggie-like bulb. Fennel requires space to grow, a moist, well-drained soil and plenty of bright sunlight.

Culinary Uses: To preserve fennel the seeds and leaves may be dried by keeping in a dry, dark place. Bulbs and stalks may be blanched and frozen or pickled. However, fennel is frequently eaten raw in the US, many Mediterranean recipes also add fennel to coals when grilling meats or to fish to add a distinctive licorice-type flavor. Fennel can be roasted, steamed, sauteed, added to stir fries or used to infuse broths. In Spain, the seeds and leaves are commonly used in teas.

Medicinal Uses: This plant is high in dietary fiber, vitamin C, and potassium. The seeds in particular are high in manganese, iron, calcium, and magnesium.

Ornamental Uses: This version of fennel is grown primarily for is bulbs and the leaf stalks which are used as vegetables. The stalks resemble that of celery with fleshy stalks with feathery leaves. The plant produces a flat topped cluster of small, golden flowers. Fennel is a member of the parsley family, good companion plants are that of the mint family.

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