Hyacinth Bean – Ruby Moon
Dolichos Lablab

Zone: Not hardy; grow as an annual
Height: 10 - 20'

General: Annual climber with green and purple tinged foliage. Showy maroon seed pods follow flowers. Vigorous grower in well-drained garden soil in a sunny site. It has been used as a tonic in traditional Chinese medicine.

Ornamental Uses: This is an award winning ornamental plant that provide color all season. The stems are a dark-violet which produce lilac-purple pods and blossoms. These plants are a hit with hummingbirds and are relatively low maintenance. These stems quickly climb fences or trellis' or will trail across the ground for an attractive ground cover.

*Research all plants before use. Silverleaf doesn't condone or endorse any medicinal plant use. Any one planning to use plants for medical purposes should check with a physician first.