Mint – Berries & Cream
Mentha spp. 'Berries & Cream'

Zone: 7-9
Height: 24-36"

General: Mint Berries & Cream has dark green aromatic leaves. It’s big selling feature is its unique flavor and scent which is that of fruit and peppermint. We’d recommend adding it to your summer drinks.

Culinary Uses: Finely chop the leaves and use them in sauces and drizzles for deserts, steep whole leaves in boiling water to create a refreshing tea. Make strong tea then mix with chilled soda water for a tasty summer drink. Use the sprigs as garnish for deserts, salads, and cocktails.

Ornamental Uses: A unique variety with dark green leaves and a fruity mint flavor and scent. It produces spikes of light purple flowers in summer.

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