Mint – Ginger
Mentha gracilis

Zone: 7-9
Height: 12-36"

General: Uniquely scented herb prized for its rich flavor and beautifully colored, heart-shaped foliage. Wonderful accent to fruit and vegetable recipes.

Culinary Uses: The Ginger mint variety is one that plays well with melon, tomatoes, and fruit salads. The slight ginger scent makes it an interesting fresh salad. An herb tea can be made from the leaves and an essential oil from the leaves is used as a spearmint flavoring and in chewing gums.

Medicinal Uses: The medicinal uses for ginger mint are mostly the same as other mints. Traditionally used as a home remedy for fevers, headaches, and digestive ailments. Generally consumed in the form of tea.

Ornamental Uses: This particular mint variety is a cross between banana mint and spearmint. t has an erect growth habit and round green leaves on red stems. It blooms lavender flowers on long, slender spikes. It has an apple/ginger fragrance. It is a unique variety due to the fact that it contains both menthol and carvone becoming truly a "double mint". The whole plant has strong minty aroma with a fruity hint.

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*Research all plants before use. Silverleaf doesn't condone or endorse any medicinal plant use. Any one planning to use plants for medical purposes should check with a physician first.