Mountain Mint
Pycnanthemum pilosum

Zone: 6-8
Height: 24 - 36"

General: Perennial herb with menthol-scented foliage. White flowers attract bees. Requires a well-drained soil and bright sunlight for success. Avoid over watering.

Culinary Uses: The flower buds and leaves can be used raw or cooked. They have a mint like flavor, they make a nice addition to salads or can be used as a condiment. The fresh or dried leaves can be brewed into a refreshing mint-like tea.

Medicinal Uses: The tea that can be brewed from the leaves is a calming and is used in the treatment of menstrual disorders, indigestion, colic, coughs, colds, and fevers. A poultice of the leaves is used in the treatment of headaches.

Ornamental Uses: Mountain mint is an upright plant that has lance to broad shaped leaves that are light green, turning almost white as the plant matures, slightly serrated, but usually smooth. The flowers are arranged in round, flat, tight clusters at the top of the plant. They are whitish or pale lavender.

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*Research all plants before use. Silverleaf doesn't condone or endorse any medicinal plant use. Any one planning to use plants for medical purposes should check with a physician first.