Rosemary – Gorizia
Rosmarinus officinalis 'Goriza'

Zone: 7-10
Height: 5'

General: Long, broad, ginger scented leaves extend from rigidly upright stems blushed with a reddish brown. Use with meats, vegetables and bread recipes. Plant in fertile, semi-moist, well-drained soil. Avoid overwatering.

Culinary Uses: Possesses a mild, sweet, aroma and flavorful taste with a hint of ginger that is traditionally used with poultry, pork, stews and breads. Herbal teas and potpourris have a stimulating effect.

Ornamental Uses: Gorizia rosemary was named for the town, Gorizia, Italy, in which it was discovered. A mildew resistant variety, the large, flat leaves of this version are unusual for rosemary, making it unique and very appealing. Gorizia has an upright habit and sports large light lavender-blue flowers.

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