Tarragon – Four Seasons
Tagetes Lucinda '4 Seasons Tarragon'

Zone: 8 - 10
Height: 30"

General: Aromatic flowering plant with bright green leaves and small, yellow flowers. Upright growth habit. A delicate anise flavor to the foliage. Good with chicken and fish.

Culinary Uses: 4 Seasons tarragon can be used in much the same way as French tarragon. It works well with meats, vegetables, and a slight anise sweetness that makes it perfect to pair with rice, pasta, and desert dishes. It can be used in place of traditional tarragon in herb blends like Fines Herbes, Herbes de Provence, and Bouquet Garni.

Ornamental Uses: Hailing from the same family as Mexican Mint Marigold, this tarragon is not a "true" tarragon. It is regarded as Spanish tarragon sometimes. The plant is usually grown for the leaves because that is where all the flavor lies. The flowers are attractive but have no real use outside of ornamental. They are small, single, gold daisy-shaped flowers which taste like grass.

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