Thyme – Foxley
Thymus pulegiodes 'Foxley'

Zone: 5 - 9
Height: 6-8"

General: Vigorous growing thyme with rounded, green leaves that have a creamy-white margin. Pink flowers amongst the foliage.

Culinary Uses: Thyme is traditionally used with meat and in sauces, stuffing, stews and soups. More unusually it can be an interesting addition to salads. Foxley thyme is particularly good to use in raw salads, both of vegetables and fruits, as the leaves are softer and not as chewy as common thyme when served uncooked.

Ornamental Uses: Unusually broad, variegated leaves that are nice for planting along low borders and walkways so that the fragrance can be appreciated. Good for containers on patios or indoors in the sun or in mixed containers - has cream and pink flowers in summer.

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