Lavender – Anouk Silver
Lavandula stoechas 'Silver Anouk'

Zone: 6 - 9
Height: 24"

General: Lavender Silver Anouk is a compact and fragrant Spanish lavender variety that is great for hot, dry locations. It’s an upright growing, somewhat spreading evergreen with soft foliage that is silvery-grey. It will produce silvery flower spikes topped with big, deep purple flower clusters crowned with violet-blue bracts. Use it in potpourri and sachets. It is very attractive to bees and butterflies.

Ornamental Uses: This has a fragrant silver-grey leaved that form a bushy, evergreen mound. Unusual deep purple spikes of flowers hold waving violet petals from the top. This variety will look excellent in mixed containers as well as a hot sunny border. These flowers are also very attractive to butterflies.

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