Mint – Orange
Mentha x piperita 'citrata'

Zone: 4 - 9
Height: 18-24"

General: Vigorous upright mound of large puckered green leaves with a wonderful orange citrus aroma and flavor. Good in fruit punch or dried in potpourris. It will produce spikes of purple flowers in the summer months.

Culinary Uses: The flavor of orange mint works best in fresh preparations. It can be chopped and used in fruit or grain salad, the minced leaves can be added to dressings, vinegars, jellies and sauces. The flavor plays well in cream, fruit and chocolate based dessert recipes like ice cream, crème brulee and tarts. Orange mint can be used as a flavor infuser for teas, cocktails, and lemonades. Whole leaves can even be used as garnish for sweet desserts or savory dishes.

Ornamental Uses: Orange mint has rich green leaves that are oval in shape and grow on green to burgundy square stems. When allowed to flower the hybrid mint produces white and pink spiked blooms. It tends to be stronger in flavor than many other mint varieties of mint with notes of citrus and spice with lavender undertones. Its aromatic properties are enhanced when bruised.

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