Nasturtium – Jewel Mix
Tropaeolum majus

Zone: Not hardy; grow as an annual
Height: 12-16"

General: Nasturtium Jewel Mix has striking flowers in varying colors, some are single flowers while others are doubles. These flowers are edible and although they appear delicate, they actually make for a showy, sturdy and long lasting garnish. Nasturtium leaves are dark green and look kind of like little lily pads. They have a spicy-peppery taste and are used as greens in mixed salads. Relatively compact, mounding growth habit.

Culinary Uses: You can pickle immature nasturtium seed pods either in a vinegar solution or lacto-fermented in brine. Mature seeds can also be dried and ground for use as a culinary spice. Flowers and leaves are most often used to add a spicy flavor and bright color to salads. The young seed pods can be eaten raw but are very strong in flavor. The pickled seedpods can be used in place of caper as well as being included in stir fries. Instead of black pepper you can grind nasturtium seeds. Recipes across the culinary repertoire have uses for nasturtiums.

Ornamental Uses: A low growing border plant with bright colored flowers in yellow, orange, and red. The leaves are shaped like a shield and have a central leaf stalk.

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