Scented Geranium – Pine
Pelargonium denticulatum

Zone: Not hardy; grow as an annual
Height: 14-18"

General: The Pine Scented Geranium has ferny leaves that are deeply divided; leaves are more rigid that other scented geranium varieties. Foliage has a balsam-like scent and is deer resistant. They bloom sporadically with cute little clusters of lavender-pink flowers. Another scented geranium that would make for an interesting addition to a mixed garden border, adding texture and fragrance.

Ornamental Uses: Easily defined with its finely dissected fern-like leaves this geranium is quite delicate to look at. To keep this plant and its woodsy fragrance in check be sure to prune it back regularly to keep it bushy and healthy. This tall and rangy plant is topped with small pale pink blooms in warm weather.

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